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Central America-Caribbean Map

Price: $195.00
formats : Adobe Illustrator & PDF

You always receive both formats

Item # 2003

Central America & Caribbean Map contains minor cities and highways.

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Our digital Central America and Caribbean Map is currently 44.8″ by 37.9″, which is wall map size. The map gracefully absorbs a detailed inset of the Caribbean. We can also print, laminate or mount any of our vector maps. Contact us for options and pricing.

Creative Force Maps:

  • You immediately receive both the Adobe Illustrator and PDF files at time of purchase.
  • Royalty-Free.
  • Fully-Editable and logically layered.
  • High-Resolution vector maps.

Layer Directory
  • Map Border
  • Sovereign Country Text
  • Dependent Country Text
  • State Text
  • State-Province-Region Text
  • Airports
  • City Over 1M
  • City Over 250,000
  • City Over 100,000
  • City Other
  • Elevation Text
  • Water Text
  • Disputed Admin Boundary
  • Admin Boundary
  • Islands
  • Lake Area
  • River Line
  • US State Area
  • Country Area
  • Ocean Area

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