Co-Creator of Desktop Mapping with Apple & Adobe in 1988 …
We’re even cooler now.


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• Custom Laminated Wall Maps—yes, even giant maps.
• Custom Digital Maps, logically layered in fully-editable Adobe™ Illustrator or PDF.

We truly customize high-resolution maps for our clients, including:

• Detail
• Coverage
• Size
• Style
• Personalization

We discover what you REALLY WANT the map to accomplish, so we can create the right map for you.


Jolan Falk

Jolan Falk

Founder & Director of Custom Maps

Jolan is pronounced [Joe-Lon]. She was named after her dad’s college (French) girlfriend. Jolan’s mom really liked the name and thought it would be fun to give her daughter a name that was impossible to remember or pronounce.

Jolan was the kid in the backseat of the car telling her dad, “Pull over! I need a map—I don’t know this place.” (Her dad usually didn’t.) Within two years of graduating from the University of Minnesota, she had pitched the concept of “Desktop Mapping” to Apple and Adobe while working a GIS night job in Tampa.

In 1988 Adobe Illustrator™ had just one layer, and Jolan created the first geo-referenced world map, for the retail mass market, on a Mac. She then trained corporate Apple and Adobe sales managers in the method, that they promoted to the publishing and media industries, and corporate art departments. When the New York Times, ABC News, and National Geographic became first adopters, Creative Force rapidly developed into a preeminent digital custom map and consulting company.

Jolan’s love of people is contagious, and on every occasion she can, she takes the phone calls of new prospects. The company has been constructed so we can move like lightning on quotations and deliveries, even on the most hectic days.

Dwight Cox

Dwight Cox

Head Cartographer & New Technology

Dwight has a unique skill as an escape artist who doesn’t just think outside the box but claims to have burned that !@#$% thing a long time ago. (Boxes are for cats, he prefers dogs) He is our problem solver and refuses to see limitations, only challenges. He secretly thinks a zombie apocalypse is just an opportunity to improve our character through adversity.

Dwight will celebrate his 28th year with us in November. He has forever changed our corporate culture and its presentation to the world: which is who we are. His specialties are GIS, map design, satellite imagery interpretation, and the art of digital shaded relief.

Christina Silva

Christina Silva

Head Graphic Designer & Artistic Development

Christina says she was born with a crayon in her hand. We believe her because she can barely communicate without a pen, pencil or stylus in her hand, and something to draw upon.

Christina brings not only her artistic talents, but also hands-on experience with the large-format print industry, transforming vector files to a prominent place on a client’s wall. Her specialty is the maps that lean more heavily towards art, than science.

Since turning 18, Christina has marked every major event in her life with a skydive. Her last dive was with her fiancée. They were married the next day.


For years we endured logos utilizing a creative font for “Creative” and a forceful font for “Force.” After Jolan purchased a ship’s figurehead for her husband’s birthday in 2000, “Hannah” was born. Hannah inspired us to create a logo that embodied a terrestrial “creative force.” By all measures—Hannah derails the logical use of a logo, but we love her. She may soon be animated and have a few unkind things to say about map geeks and how uncomfortable it is being affixed to the front of a ship without a jacket. (Here is a link to the full-resolution original art we created LINK TO HANNAH.)

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