Map of World Monarchies

I guess I watch too many Hallmark Christmas movies about Princesses and Princes and how they are (deep down) just like us. I almost believe there is a tiny country called Lameassovia in the remotest part of Europe.

This isn’t the map I was expecting when we started. It turns out there are many different categories of monarchies and the type of power varies. There are 195 countries in the world and Queen Elizabeth II (figurehead) is the monarch of sixteen Commonwealth realms.

Here is the list of Absolute (hardcore) Monarchies where the monarch holds supreme power. They are bright red.
• Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Middle East)
• Sultanate of Oman (Middle East)
• Brunei Darussalam (Southeast Asia)
• United Arab Emirates (Middle East)
• Kingdom of Eswatini (Africa) Each king rules alongside his mother.
• Vatican City (Europe) They have an elected Monarch.

As the World is once again opening to us after an entire year of lockdowns, I think we are all dreaming about travel and what’s out there.