A cartographer extraordinaire, Dwight has generously gifted us with 20 years of amazing service and passion. Although he is a jack of all trades, he excels at the fast turnarounds required for the custom maps required by television series. Just four of the new and popular shows we are working on currently:

  • Blindspot
  • Limitless
  • Scorpion
  • Manhattan

On Thanksgiving Eve, we feasted with Dwight and his wife, Becky, at an amazing seafood restaurant here in Tampa, Florida. He was presented with maps that he’s made over the years and we reminisced about many of our amazing clients and challenging jobs. Several authors were kind enough to provide signed copies of their books and even dedications to Dwight for creating the maps.

We frequently receive a call from a prop master who needs a map in a few hours and often within the hour (meaning we need to build from an existing stock map). Unlike the vast majority of our customers, all prop masters have large printers on site to print wall maps from our vector Adobe Illustrator files. Cartography is a fairly concrete art form, so we all get a kick out out of it when someone says, “I need a twenty-acre lake with a small town on the east side, all of it surrounded by fairy-tale woods—oh, and a big-ass mountain to the north—I need it by 7:00 PM.”